Save the date ! Bees are taking over the GNM Hancock Museum for a day all about pollinators around “Dippy on Tour “!

Tyneside Beekeepers Association cordially invites you to spend a day filled with adventures about honeybees, and the other creatures who share their ecosystem, you’ll get such a buzz you’ll leave with a love of the wild to last a life time.

It’s a mix of scientific research, and family friendly fun. You’ll find all sorts of people just wandering around, waiting to tell you all you need to know about bees and other pollinators. There are identification walks around the grounds, and crafting for every level and ability. 

We will be bringing some of our little honeybees with us in an observation hive.

Talks in the museum’s Street Cafe It’s small, so come early to get a seat !:

10.15  Dr Andrea Quigley has a  background in agricultural botany and has kept honeybees for 10 years.  Her wonderful books aimed at children are informative and entertaining, so her talk will be great for the kids, and adults too ! Come early !

11.15 Dr Julia Pigott Is a honeybee keeper, and with her husband Martin, runs Brigsteer Bee Reserve. Julia will give a family friendly talk on how you can play your part in feeding pollinators. She’ll also be doing some walks throughout the day, and taking people to (humanely) capture some bees for identification before they’re released, unharmed to go about their buzziness !


Norman Carreck is former Science Director of IBRA (International Bee Research Association), and is a researcher and lecturer on honeybees. His talk will focus on the recent research on the native honeybee, and the projects aiming to increase their numbers. This one will also be of interest to seasoned beekeepers ! 

13.00 Sharon Lashley  Founder of Climate Action North is on a mission to show us how we can all take action on climate change. Her latest project is Pollinator Parks, getting businesses to do pollinator friendly plantings on a large scale on industrial and business parks. She’s going to give a talk, and will be available to chat to all day.

Stalls where you can learn and make and get info. Open all day:

Dr Matt Pound and Dr Rinke Vinkenoog of Northumbria University- Will be bringing their microscopes, so you can get up close and personal with the pollens which feed our bees. They’ll give you the skinny ton the work they are doing, which studies the diets of bees in the city and the countryside.

Carwyn Thomas , creator of The Grey St Gathering, a “pop up park” where you can relax and dream of bees in Newcastle City Centre,  will be wandering around the galleries. If you meet him, tell him all your ideas about how to make the city centre a better place for bees and their friends.

Heather Devey and Cain Scrimgeour of Wild Intrigue Are bring “foldscopes”, paper microscopes. They’ll take you for a walk around the museum grounds so you can pick up and identify some interesting creatures and get to know them better.

The Comfrey Project.

Our friends from Comfrey are coming to do some exciting crafting workshops , so come along a get busy making ! The Comfrey Project is a charity which works with refugees and people seeking asylum at our centre in Windmill Hills, Gateshead, and two allotment sites. Our aim is to improve their conditions of life and general wellbeing, while building skills, resilience, confidence, self-esteem and purpose.

Kay Henderson and Susan Cable – Art and craft workshops.

Can you come and help Kay and Susan make as many flowers, pollens and bees )and other pollinators) out of scrap material s ?

We aim to make these items all day long, suspending them from the balustrade of the gallery, until the end of the day where they will be laid out across the floor of the museum to create a pollinator garden.

This guided workshop will show you how to make everything. 

Come along and really show the bee love ! Let’s make this garden huuuuuuge !

Dan Gordon Keeper of Biology at GNM Hancock has bee looking through the archive collections, and will be bringing some pollinators out for us to look at.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust 

Will be joining us, so you can find out just how many kinds of bumblebees there are, where they live and how you can help care for them.

Grow Wild 

Ben Fisher from Grow Wild will be with us all day to tell you all about how easy it is to grow our native wild flowers to feed our pollinators. They’ll never have to go hungry again if we all do just a little to help.

 Barbara Keating Screening of Winter Bees Video.  (Camera and audio by Barbara Keating and James McAleer)

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