Swarms and splits and new folk.

Every year I comment on how unusual the year is so far since I took up beekeeping. That’s because it’s a hobby which makes you acutely aware of the whole ecosystem surrounding you. Flowers, trees, temperatures, wind, cloud, what farmers nearby are growing all become so important.

This year was unusual as the colonies had all had laying queens all winter (if you want to know how I know that, then come along to a meeting and I’l tell you). This mean large busy colonies at a time when it was still far to cold to open the hives and check them. Even adding an extra box (a super) early, before Easter, seemed to have no effect in slowing them down. Embarrasingly, a swarm left my hive, but my apiary buddy has a hair hive set up, and my girls had hopped over there (his hives are bigger so the bees upgraded themselves to a veritable mansion), so i haven’t really lost them.

Some of the colonies which wanted to leave early found that the weather then turned cold and wet, and there were not enough drones around and mating may have been poor. One is already superseding !

We have so many enthusiastic and lovely new members, and they arrive twice a month to see the bees and to make, mend and garden to support the bees. Morepic soon !

If you feel like coming along to see what it’s all about then get in touch with Keith, our secretary or just opt along tone of the meetings scheduled on the Events Page.

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