Bees Needs, and we’re the Bees Knees ..apparently.. !

We were very pleased to receive a Bees Needs Award, administered by DEFRA and Keep Britain Tidy.

It’s in appreciation of the work we have done, and will continue to do, to provide food and homes for all pollinators, as well as our club’s honeybees. The awards ceremony was held at Kew Gardens, and was attended on behalf of TBKA by Barbara Keating and Suzanne Foster.

In the photo is Lord Gardiner of Kimble , who is chuckling at the fact that Barbara Keating, Chair of TBKA, was holding the award plaque back to front for the first photo ! D’oh !

LG + Gateshead Council (1 of 1)

Out of over 120 applicants, there were 23 winners. We’ve been able to achieve so much in our first 3 years because of the great support network of volunteers. Some of them club members and many who are not, but wish to look after our wildlife in the city.

BNCA Winners Large Group 2BNCA Winners Large Group 1

Friends of Saltwell Park organised for us to have regular gardening support on their First Wednesday Tidy Ups, and Gateshead Council has supported us with wild flower planting, grants and general encouragement.

Lena and David Crowe of MDBKA, have been very supportive of our club, so we were pleased to see that they were winners too.

Those who know them might also spot Luke and Suzie Hutchinson of Northumberland Honey.

It was a truly inspiring day, meeting people with such diverse projects, and really useful networking opportunities for us.

It should stand us in good stead as we ramp up the Pollinator Forage Corridor across Gateshead, and out to the countryside.

Want to get involved in feeding pollinators ?

Our next bee food events are over the weekend of 9th March. There is a talk by Al Robinson or fruit  and nut tree propagation as part of FoSP monthly talk series 10.30-11.30  The Training Centre in Saltwell Park. This is followed by an afternoon course in practical tree grafting. Two more courses run on Sunday 10th March.

Booking is essential !

Please contact Suzanne Foster for details

Let’s get planting !

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