New Beginnings !

Apologies for the long silence, I have a broken wrist so typing is the slow. I’m now learning to dictate to my computer, also slow!

Our apiary at Whickham has been wonderful starting point for our bee breeding adventures, and club meetings. We have shared this site with G WK woodshed, an up cycling and furniture building project. In fact they’ve been our landlord, and have been paid an Annual amount of beeswax.

This arrangement has suited us all, but sadly it is coming to an end because a housing development is planned for the site and neighbouring fields.

We were offered an alternative site at the old RAF Ouston airfield .

ouston airfield

Warrant Officer Mark Richards and Major Karl Brennan, of the 3rd Royal Horse Artillery which occupies the Albermarle barracks next to the airfield,planned an eco project, involving mixed woodland and wildflower plantings on the site, and thought that bees would be a great addition.


As we’ve been looking for a new suitable out apiary for well over a year, we jumped at the chance.

Our apiary team is taking down our shed at Whickham, ready for the move.

The army is providing us with a shipping container for securely storing spare equipment.

We plan to move the three colonies currently at Whickham, and one of the colonies from Saltwell. These these will form the basis of our breeding apiary. Walaa Elsayeh will be leading our breeding program and teaching Queen rearing next year.

Once we have everything on-site we will arrange a visit for the club members.


Where sad to leave Whickham, and our friends at woodshed, but the new site offers Great possibilities. Hope to see you all soon!



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