FoSP Bees talk and LYP

It seems TBKA now does an annual talk to Friends of Saltwell Park , and as before there is a grand welcome of tea, biccies and friendly faces.


FoSP does such an amazing job of looking after the park, putting on events and fostering projects. Our apiary is there because they actively encouraged us !

Instead of doing a talk about bees and beekeeping I put on the installation we did as part of TWAMS Try New Things initiative. The installation’s first outing was at Hancock (GNM) in March.

It was such lovely day that the audience were seated outdoors, awaiting their turn for their small group to tour the installation. Q and A was the liveliest I’v done in a while, with people so fired up about bees, and how we are caring for them, and restoring bee friendly plantings to the Bird Feeding Area garden.

Diane Ward, secretary of FoSP, introduced the talk.


There is once pic of me, and I have no idea what I was waffling on about, but my face is a rather funny shape there …..IMG_0893

It’s a lot of work installing the Bees Banquet video, so we left it in situ so more people could see it on Love Your Parks day on July 15th.

We were honoured when the Mayor of Gateshead called in ! I think her face says how much she is enjoying herself. This image is of her using the interactive board originally put together in collaboration with Sara Nabil of Open Lab Newcastle Uni. (Image cutest of Simon Croson). The boards were single panels, and have now been repaired and made into one unit by Keith Philliskirk, so they are like a frame from a hive as I originally intended. Many thanks to Michael McHugh for the loan of audio equipment !

Here is Gill in her gold chain



A frantically busy time, but the chance total bees, flowers and food with such a lot of the wider community was brilliant.



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