Bees for Schools and Schools for Bees !

This year we have worked with 3 fantastic schools just near Saltwell Park! Two had already been doing projects about bees, and had not known about us.

Our team of Barbara, Walaa, Keith, Suzanne and David did so much work to make this all happen. Well done us, and here’s to doing more work with them all next year !

Our first venture was to take the observation and virtual hives into Corpus Christie, where the kids in Mr McLelland’s class showed themselves to be knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. Have to admit we had a technical hitch with the presentation, but we know how to get around that for next time.

Our Secretary, Keith Philliskirk, was invited by Rabbi Jonathan Klajn to the Cheder, or Jewish boys school. It’s a good job Keith is fit as it was on the 5 th floor . Keith had prepared some new materials, and took live bees in the observation hive too. The boys loved it, and we hope they are coming to visit us in the apiary in Saltwell Park.

Kells Lane school had heard of us via a grandparent of one of the children. They had already doe a bees project, and in fact they made a musical ! The came to visit us in Saltwell Park, doing some activities in the Training Centre, and going to the apiary in our bee friendly garden which is being restore to it’s former glory, and expanded.

We were lucky enough to have our education expert, Walaa Elsayeh,  on hand fresh from a research trip to USA. These young people were so knowledgeable that we were all impressed. It’s fantastic to find such enthusiastic teachers !

Here are some pics from Kells Lane staff members. These are in the Training Centre with Barbara Keating and Walaa Elsayeh.  The learned about how bees find food, what pollen look like under the microscope, and what bees do on winter night, They learned that bees are noisy in the winter cluster !



In the apiary Keith Philliskirk and Suzanne Foster helped them put on bee suits, make candles, taste honey and even pee in the top of a hive !


Thank you to all the children, and a special thanks to all the wonderful staff who made this such a great experience.

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