An Inspector Calls !

If you look closely you can see the logo on this bee suit says ‘National Bee Unit”

IMG_0233NBU delivers the bee health programme for DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs).

All beekeepers are encourage to sign up to BeeBase where they can keep hive inspection records, and (securely) let DEFRA know the location of hives. This is important in the bid to stop diseases such as American Foul Brood and European Foul Brood from spreading, and to alert people in areas where disease is found, not to move their hives or equipment.

Beekeepers can ask for the inspector to come and do a health check on their bees. It’s FREE !

Some sites are sentinel sites, as they might be near a port or other place where exotic pests might enter the country.

Our bees are fine and dandy, you will be happy to know !


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