Two successes for the Tyneside Beekeepers at the ADM

Alternative title ? Two go mad in Leamington Spa ?

For those of you not familiar with beekeeping, the national organisation of beekeepers in England  is the British Beekeepers Association. It is made up of affiliated clubs, each of which sends a delegate to an annual meeting to debate propositions and  nominations etc.

Last year we applied to affiliate, and were voted in by a majority of delegates, but one delegate called for a “Membership Vote”. Each delegate votes again, but the vote is counted according to the number of individual members which that club represents. This means that if 3 of the large clubs, and some number 1500, vote against you, you are out.

On the face of it it sounds democratic, but it all depends on whether each of those members has been to a meeting, debated and voted on the subject in question. They can not hear evidence or information given on the day, so it is effectively the personal call of the delegate present.

Anyway, this year our club was voted in, with one objection voiced. We are now an official club !

Time to mention  Sheron Glover and Lynne McLachlan, who came up with the idea of starting a new club, and who made the initial contacts with FoSP , SPUG, and Gateshead Council, and had the vision of keeping bees inside historic Saltwell Park.

The other success is that one of our co-opted committee members, Walaa Ahmed Elsayeh, was voted onto the board of Trustees of BBKA.

Walaa is a PhD candidate doing research into bee nutrition at Newcastle University under the supervision of Prof. Jeri Wright. Her 8 years experience in beekeeping, queen rearing and teaching in Egypt will be an asset to our club. We are lucky enough to have her volunteer on our apiary team.

So proud of her !


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