Ideas ? Why yes, we have loads of those !

SB7_8986I was invited to take part in “Ideas Fest” at the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead


This day was organised by TWAMS ( Tyne and Wear Museums Service) and Newcastle University Open Lab. Museum staff across the board are encouraged to try out new ideas, to engage new audiences and present the museums archives in new ways. Open Lab researchers are working on a range of topics at PhD level. The researchers are encourage to collaborate with people outside their normal field, and to research how  people and communities might thrive in times of rapid change. These people were brought together with various representatives of community groups and arts practitioners.


I went representing FoSP (Friends of Saltwell Park), and TBKA (Tyneside Beekeepers Association),  as well as making use of my digital media skills. (That’s my day job).

I was one of six people asked to do a presentation. The idea from FoSP was torquier int the stained glass works of William Wailes, who built Saltwell Towers and the Park. His work was sold around the world, and he was one of the 12 major stained glass producers of the Arts and Crafts Movement. His work can be seen at St Helen’s Church next to where we have our winter meetings. He’s much under rated and he deserves more attention !


By William Wailes – TTaylor 2006, Public Domain, Rose Window Richmond

It was a full on day of games and huddles, to generate lots of ideas. So many very interesting people, and such a rich source of ideas !


We went off to come up with events and interventions. All very quick fire.

And at the end we chose our own groups and generated and idea to pitch.

So many people joined the bee team !

We think we might pitch for some funding to tery out a couple of ideas… this space, because it’s all about engagement and love of the bees !


Of course I made Michael and Bob get into a bee suit. First time either of them has worn a veil afaik.

FullSizeRender 2


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