They are here !

Last year Ross Cooney brought the club bees to the park, and sadly this happened

We were all saddened, but just picked ourselves up and set about raising more bees this summer to start again.


The great news is that with the combined help of Friends of Saltwell Park


and Gateshead Council, we have managed to create a more secure enclosure which has enabled us to bring bees back to Saltwell Park.

Apologies for the picture quality. It was raining and dark !

Anyway here is Keith, our Secretary attaching the hive to the stand inside the enclosure.




There is insect proof mesh to make the bees fly above head hight when flying to and from the hive on foraging expeditions.


This enclosure is in the Bird Feeding Area, which now has a new fence behind a Blackthorn hedge. The tubs and planters are a bit neglected since the Thrive gardening project lost it’s funding for this area and moved out of the park. We hope to revive it with the help of volunteers. Anyone working close to the bees will be loaned one of the bee suits purchased with the council Capacity Fund Grant we received last year.

Next summer we hope to open up once a month to the public, and by prior arrangement people will be able to don a bee suit and veil and experience the wonders of the hive.

Once we have a base within the park, we hope to run workshops for beekeepers, school parties and courses such as soap making for the wider community.


If you see anyone intending to harm out bees please get in touch with us via Facebook, email, or call the police. We need our pollinators !




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