Love Your Parks ! And the bees in them..

Today saw us make our first official appearance in Saltwell Park, Gateshead.

Love Your Parks week is a series of events celebrating the wonderful variety of public parks across the UK. Saltwell Park (  is a very much loved park, used by locals and those from further afield. It has a history of staging family oriented events which are exciting, creative and free!

Friends of Saltwell Park ( have developed a 5 year plan for the park, in the event of the local council not being able to take sole responsibility for it.


Bees have always been at the heart of this plan, and today we were able to celebrate this in style !

Love Your Parks
Terry Hanson showing off the bees in the observation hive.

We took an observation hive, and a polystyrene nucleus hive, some honey, some information boards, and some beekeepers with expert knowledge, to the Love Your Parks event.

Two of our members, Justin and Terry,  sold all the cut comb honey they took along. We could have sold much more if we wanted to. Local honey is in great demand.

The response was wonderful, and we found it had to get away, being surround by inquisitive children asking very good questions.


Above is Hannah, our Treasurer, greeting the new bees.

We have some new fencing arriving, courtesy of Jayne Calvert from Gateshead Council, which should create a secure space for the bees. We hope to return them to their home in the park very, very soon.


Irakli and Keith strapping up the poly nuc, for transport back to the out apiary.

IMG_0064IMG_0051Maybe this time next year we can sell some Saltwell Park honey. Look out for it !

Many thanks to Gateshead Council Capacity Fund, for the grant enabling us to buy the equipment and bee suits you see here. They are there for public use, so come and join us and learn about bees.



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