BidFoods workshop

I was invited to talk to employees at the Gateshead branch of BidFoods depot.

Honey I baked the Cake !
Honey I Baked The Cake !

They are running a sustainability project, and doing it very well. Their information about bees and their importance is really well done.

The people I talked to today were from as far as Galashiels , and South into Helmsley in Yorkshire. One was even a beekeeper.

They were amazingly attentive, and clearly had thought a lot about bees, so the questions were great.

The local depot want to keep in touch and be part of our River ofForage project. The splendid cake above is to be raffled to raise money to plant bee friendly areas around the depot.

We are going to keep in touch and develop a relationship with them over time.

Thank you to Elise Rawlins for making this a friendly, enjoyable experience, and for the very welcome lunch.

More pics coming soon when Elise sends them over.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking forward to working with you all again.


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