It’s been a while….

It’s been a while since I had time to let you know what’s been happening…

We have a colony on the main apiary at last, bought from Jane Lewis at Stamfordham bees. Two nucs had been on order from somewhere else, but they didn’t make it through the winter. The colony at Whickham was on order for me, but when the other failed I thought I should let the club buy them, so we can all enjoy them. Somewhat jealous now !

BeeSoc at Newcastle Uni have now got their own bees, and they are joyful about that !

Can we brag on their behalf ? Yes, ‘course we can, because they won “Best New Society” at the University awards. We applaud their splendid success and wish them all the best for the future.

BeeSoc in deserved winner mode.


What else… In a closely played game of acronyms……I gave a talk on keeping bees in public parks, to FoSP (Friends of Satlwell Park), and they renewed their enthusiasm for making a safe space for the hives (see previous post by Ross Cooney on the vandalism to the first colony). This was closely followed by a meeting of SPUG (Saltwell Park User Groups), which was attended by the powerhouse that is Jayne Calvert. Her job is to liaise between all the user groups of all the council run parks, and the council itself, co ordinate volunteer rangers…and so much more.

Jayne is on the lookout for used fencing for the Bird Feeding Are, then we’ll call a work party to install it, then in go the bees to Saltwell Park again… Sounds like a plan to us !


There is more, but swarm season is on us and we are all busy.

Next post I will gather some local swarm images, and tell you the rest of the news.


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